Walk/Bike/Places 2021
June 15–18, 2021
Indianapolis & Online


In-Person Program (download)
Friday General Session
9:00 am
9:30 am
Closing Keynote: Healing Main Street to Heal Ourselves
  • Mindy Fullilove, MD
Friday Special Session
10:00 am
11:00 am
Live '"Bike Chat" for "Together We Cycle"
  • Melissa Bruntlett, Modacity, Moderator
  • Gertjan Hulster, Film Director
  • Jamey McPherson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for City of Indianapolis
  • Austin Gibble, City of Indianapolis
Friday Breakout 1
11:00 am
12:00 pm
Safe in Public Space: A creative, collaborative approach to building safe(r) places
  • David Carey, The Bentway Conservancy
  • Syrus Marcus Ware, McMaster University
  • Immony Men, OCAD University
  • Talli Osborne, Talli Osborne
  • Sara Udow, PROCESS
  • Ilana Altman, The Bentway Conservancy
Creative Programming
Understanding Mobility Sovereignty: Collaborative Advocacy for Transportation Equity in Albuquerque
  • Nate Begay, Western Transportation Institute @ MSU
  • Baruch Campos, Together For Brothers
  • Terra Reed, City of Albuquerque
  • Rachel Swanteson-Franz, The Wilderness Society
Health, Equity, & Access
Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at Intersections
  • Krista Nordback, University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research
  • Bill Schultheiss, Toole Design Group
  • Conor Semler, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Street Adaptation
Social Inclusion Post Pandemic: Engaging and Supporting People Experiencing Homelessness in Public Space
  • Elena Madison, Project for Public Spaces
  • Joy Moses, Director of Homelessness Research Institute, National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • Elliott Madison, Executive Director, Fountain House New York
Justice, Advocacy, & Policy
Friday Breakout 2
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
Creating Community Connections Through Bicycling Great Places Near Home
  • Tom Hanley, Nine13sports
  • Stephanie Patterson, Black Girl Do Bike
  • Connie Szabo Schmucker, Bicycle Garage Indy
Creative Programming
Made to Move: Models in Engagement, Innovation, Resiliency and Collaboration through a Pandemic
  • Sandy Fry, City of Hartford
  • Daniel Herrig, City of Richardson
  • Barkha Patel, Jersey City
  • Danielle Schaeffner, Blue Zones
  • Beverly Bell, Chattanooga Design Studio
  • Karen Warfel, City of Fort Lauderdale
Street Adaptation
Why Cities Should Tap into the Power of Joyful and Playful Interventions
  • Annie Coakley, Downtown Evanston
  • Marisa Schulz, All Together
  • Leticia Lozano, MACIA Estudio
  • Ryan Swanson, The Urban Conga
Creative Programming
Let the children rule the streets!
  • Viviana Cordero, Huasipichanga & University of Groningen
  • Maja Simoneti, IPoP Institute for Spatial Policies
  • Maciej Zacher, Municipality of Skawina
  • Gooitske Zijlstra, Gooitz
  • Victoria Chavez, Huasipichanga
  • Beata Patuszyńska, cityforchildren.pl
  • Paula Gallo, Recreate Place
Health, Equity, & Access
Friday Breakout 3
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
Ensuring equity in new mobility: how place, programs and partnerships can be driven by and drive equity
  • Janet Attarian, SmithGroup
  • Ahmed Darrat, CityFi
  • Marcel Porras, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Technology Innovations
Lessons from 2020: How to use data to implement active transportation infrastructure that is safe, efficient, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Haynes Bunn, Strava Metro
  • Heidi Goedhart, Utah Department of Transportation
  • Stephanie Tomlin, Utah Department of Transportation
Technology Innovations
Historic Utopias in Planned Neighborhoods
  • Jim Walker, Big Car Collaborative
  • Shauta Marsh, Big Car Collaborative
  • Dan Mason, Historic Ne Harmony
  • Michael S. Knecht, Old Economy Village
  • Christine Hall O’Neil, Oneida Community Mansion House
The Walking College: Lessons Learned about Effective Walkable Community Advocacy
  • Ian Thomas, America Walks
  • Abby Beck, City of Batavia
  • Armand Turner, Healthy Savannah / YMCA of Coastal GA REACH Grant
  • Amar Azucena Cid, Caltrans
Creative Programming